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Hiatus Nearing The End

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21 Nov 2015 12:27 am

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Tiny Blue Dragon, 21 Nov 2015 12:27 am

Just a Few More Weeks

Here's the relevant Patreon post:

TL:DR: Ben and Elaine have to cut back on the amount of Licensed Heroes we create. You can fix this problem by supporting us through Patreon!

Advertisement, 28 Nov 2015 05:45 pm

User Comments:

Guest, 21 Nov 2015 02:59 pm

seems tacky to beg for money after a long hiatus

Tiny Blue Dragon, 21 Nov 2015 05:52 pm

Free Lunches and Economics

@Guest: So here's a story that might give you some perspective:

A young couple decided they wanted to make people happy, so everyday they'd go to the local park and hand out free lunches. They didn't have any money for a lot industrial or automated machines to make the lunches, or even to hire any help. It was just them making the free lunches by hand everyday.

One day, they realized that making the lunches was taking up so much of their time that they had lost their normal jobs and didn't have the time and energy to look for new jobs. At the same time, buying the lunch ingredients was costing them enough money that they had to forego a lot of the standard living items their neighbors had. "But that's okay," they thought, "we're making people happy with our lunches. I'm sure if we put up a donation sign people will be willing to help out."

So the next day, the came out the park and gave out their free lunches, this time with a tin asking for donations. And while a few people donated, which helped cover a little bit of the cost of buying the ingredients, most people had gotten so used to getting a free lunch that they decided that it was someone else's responsibility to support the couple. But the couple really liked the faces of the people as they ate the lunches, so they decided to keep making the lunches and giving them out at the park anyway, "Surely," they thought, "people will realize these lunches cost us a money to make and at least a few more people will be willing to donate a few dollars here and there to help out."

Well, as time went on, the situation didn't change and the couple grew poorer and poorer until one day they ran out of money. They knew, immediately, it was the free lunches they'd been giving out that put them into debt.

So the couple, sadly, stopped making the lunches and took on odd jobs to support themselves, but they never forgot how much fun they had making and giving out lunches. Finally, after much deliberation, and checking cost analysis sheets, they discovered they could make and give out free lunches on the weekends.

The next weekend the showed up at the park, with their free lunches, and explained that they could only provide lunch on the weekends, and if people wanted to get more lunches then they'd have to at least provide the couple the cost of the lunches. And again, only a few people gave money, but the couple was satisfied with the compromise and provided, mostly free lunches to the park every weekend until it wasn't fun for them.

So that's the deal. Elaine and I will happily provide one Licensed Heroes comic a week until it's no longer fun for us to create the comic. If you want more, or if you just happen to appreciate the amount of work we put into the comic, please consider supporting us through Patreon. Otherwise, enjoy your free lunch.

HalfbakedProphet (Guest), 23 Nov 2015 01:48 am

Looking Forward to It and Thank You

Well glad to see the comic make a return even if the updates will be a bit slowed.

Also, I want to give a HUGE thank you to Ben for shipping me my DC Vol 3 after it got sent back to him and had to wait for over 2 months to for me to response with my updated address. Given that the reason for your guys hiatus was Ben's life being on fire (I think) I felt terrible about being so tardy.

But, I did receive and I am so glad to have it. So, a genuine and hearty thank you to Ben for getting me my book even when he probably had more important things to deal with.

Tiny Blue Dragon, 23 Nov 2015 04:12 am

@HalfbakedProphet: Not a problem. Seriously, mailing you the book was a neat little "I can do this!" pick me up right when I needed it. Glad to hear the it arrived safely
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